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VP Candidate Election

Posted about 4 years ago by Elizabeth Stacy Varley

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 The BVNPA leadership has decided to hold an official election, rather than simply announcing our new VP in order to give you an opportunity to participate in this process.  We called for nominations in an announcement on this web site July 30, and Lynda Jerrell is the only member who responded by the posted August 9th deadline. She is running unopposed for the office of VP.  Please take a moment to read her brief, attached profile. You will have an opportunity to vote in a few short weeks.  You must be a full, paid member of BVNPA in order to vote in any election.

As you may recall, we voted to separate the offices of secretary/treasurer, and Pam Stewart was appointed treasurer in January.  According to our Bylaws, the 2 year term for both VP and Treasurer begins in August of even years, so Pam has completed the remainder of that term (yes, we are a month behind, apologies).  Pam has indicated verbally that she plans to seek re-election. 

On behalf of the nominating committee, please reply here or email by October 4, 2014 if you are interested in running for the office of treasurer. Please include a brief profile of your professional qualifications and why you would like to serve. You must be a full member of BVNPA and TNP in order to hold office, and be willing to serve a two year term.  Please click on 'Bylaws & Meeting Minutes' located in the right margin if you would like to read our Bylaws, which outline the duties of the Treasurer.  Hope to see you all Thursday 6:30 pm at Arbuelos.

Your Executive Board of Directors, BVNPA


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