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TNP of the Year Nominations

Posted 8 months ago by Matt Hoffman

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Nominations for the TNP of the Year are open and there's no better way to show your appreciation for your fellow colleagues than with a nomination for this award! 

I would love to see BVNPA members represented among the nominees, so please reach out to me ( if you would like to nominate someone. I will personally reach out to the individual letting them know of their nomination and then assist with ensuring the award criteria are met as well as assist in gathering the necessary documents to complete the nomination form. 

Here's more information regarding the award criteria and the nomination process:

Award Criteria

  • Demonstrates excellence as an NP and as a role model for other nurse practitioners and the nursing  profession in general.

  • Significant contribution to the improvement of care for individuals, families and/or communities.

  • Is creative in his/her approach to nursing care through effective communication and quality of care.

  • Utilizes current research in practice.

  • Recognized to practice as a nurse practitioner in Texas.

  • Active member of TNP for at least one year. 

Nomination Process

  • Complete the nomination form via the TNP website. Please note you will be asked to upload a current CV/Resume.

  • In addition to nominations from affiliates, colleagues, clients, administrators or co-workers, NPs are encouraged to nominate themselves.

  • Nominations must be provided by June 1, 2018 of the year in which the award.

  • A review of the nominees will be done by the Nominations and Awards Committee consisting of at least 3 people and presented to the Executive Committee in July for final approval.  All nominees should be notified by August 1, 2018.

As always, don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!