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Brazos Valley Nurse Practitioner Association

Proposed BVNPA Bylaws Changes

Posted about 2 years ago by Joy Trevino

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Please see attached file for changes to BVNPA Bylaws.  We will be voting on the bylaws at the meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 20 during our business meeting.

Changes include:

1.  Adding an official fiscal year for our group in preparation for official not-for-profit status.

2.  Honorary membership for retired NPs who have been full paying members for 5 or more years.

3.  Student membership up from $10 to $25

4. Memberships to last a full rotating year rather than always starting in Sept.

5. Preference for membership dues to be paid online.

6. Bylaws committee to now consist of the executive committee.

Please let us know if you have any other recommendations.

We will also be requesting an exception from the bylaws for this year only for voting on Treasurer and Vice President.  Due to all the recent changes in our group and the very recent interim status of our new treasurer and vice president, we are requesting a vote to keep the current interim VP and treasurer in place.  They have just started this position and we are just now getting the group leadership back up to date w/ bank, email, post office and with TNP.  We will be requesting this exception on Tues., Sept. 20 at our business meeting.

Thank you,

Joy Trevino, BVNPA President